A brand-positive liquidation strategy

Discover a new stream of revenue from your unsold inventory while doing a little good for the Earth.

The sustainability shift

Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for sustainable product options. Millennials and Gen Z consumer behavior show they're using their purchasing power for personal, environmental, and social good.

In early 2020, a consumer insights group, First Insights, released a report sharing consumers' perspectives on sustainable retail. They found:

Why liquidate through Dibz?

Dibz aims to reduce textile waste by reimagining what and how clothing is sold.

For members, Dibz connects them to items they'll love through a simple, curated experience making sustainably-focused clothing effortless, fun, and affordable. 

For brands on Shopify, Dibz takes dead stock, overstock, and last season's products and creates a new revenue stream through our easy, risk-free liquidation channels.

A brand-forward liquidation option: Dibz works with D2C and emerging brands that can't (or won't) liquidate via usual channels such as Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, Burlington, or Ross.

New stream of revenue: Dibz creates a new stream of revenue for brands with a new channel to liquidate products that would otherwise be donated or disposed.

Risk free: We only make money when you make money. There is no up-front cost to use our platform, only a revenue share when we sell your items!

Preserve brand equity: Your brand is only visible to our closed user group; the discounts offered are only shown to our customers and are not searchable online.

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Today, we integrate into Shopify-powered websites. In just a few clicks, brands can select products and add them to our private marketplace.

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