Dibz member FAQ

What is Dibz?

Dibz is a members-only marketplace focused on connecting shoppers to brands looking to make a positive environmental impact.

How much does Dibz cost?

It's free to become a member of Dibz. Zilch. Nada. Nothing!

What brands does Dibz carry?

Many of the brands we carry wish to remain private since we offer their product at a deep discount. We can share that many of these brands are digitally native or sold at large high-end department stores.

What is the return policy? 

All sales are final on Dibz. Why? We're able to secure great deals and pass the savings along to our members when brands know their items are making it to their final homes. On top of that, returns account for 5 billion pounds of waste each year. Not good.

Obviously, we're not monsters. If there's something wrong with an item, let us know, and we'll work to make it right. Email us at support@thedibz.com

I have a different question not listed here

We're happy to answer it! Please email us at support@thedibz.com